Successkey Edusystems Pvt.Ltd. Company declare a scholarship program for

10th (Semi & English medium) and 12 std (science) Maharashtra state Board students of Aurangabad city (only) for the year 2018-19.

(9th std. studying and 11th std. studying student in 2017-18)

Directors of successkey Edusystems Company trying to improve the students’ performance in their academic Merit by using different ways as like counseling ,carrier guidance and many more required activity for the student. Many students have a need of motivation and inspiration for their top Merit. Scholarships are the instruments of encouragement towards education and their personal merit.

It helps students to perform well in their Board Examination. This is a platform to identify and nurture the talented students and prepare them by highlighting their strength and weaknesses .This exam not only prepare students intellectually but help them to develop their behavioral and spiritual attitude towards the challenges in their life. Some students need a financial support and help for this Board examination.


Success KeyEdusytems Pvt. Ltd.